Wroclaw – the neon signs of communism

Throughout the entire city of Wroclaw you can find traces of communism. Directly outside of the old city center, endless rows of square apartment blocks take you back to the – not so – old times of the cold war. These are not the signs of communism I am talking about. I’m talking about something way, way cooler. 


Now let me clear something up: I think those square apartment blocks are awesome! Not because they look nice or because I like communism, but because it’s something I’m not familiar with, something that isn’t part of my local history. I also wasn’t familiar with the fact that Wroclaw hosts a great amount of neon signs, scattered all over the city. Somewhere hidden in a place you can never find again when looking for it, I found some of these signs. The signs of communism.

From what I’ve heard the neon signs date back from the 50’s, when communism was at its height. Since then many of the neon signs from back in the day have survived beyond communist times and the Neon Sign Gallery has collected some of them and put them up. At night, when the club next door is fully running, they shine a light on Wroclaw’s nightlife.

And although these signs were much hated, the ones that have survived now portray a slightly more positive view. The atmosphere is retro in a nicer, friendlier way than before and I think Wroclaw has embraced some of its difficult past in a beautiful way.

Address: Ruska 46c

wroclaw signs

wroclaw signs

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    Leen Spaans
    May 17, 2015 at 12:11

    It is clear that by seeing this neon signs people will always be reminded on the past times but it is also sign of hope for the future because there is light needed to see the shadows.

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