1 2 3 4! Visit the Ramones museum in Berlin!

Hey ho! Let’s go…

…to the ultimate Ramones sanctuary, located in the heart of Berlin. This is not just a museum about the first ever punk band there ever existed, it’s the life work of a music lover who dedicated his time to collecting Ramones memorabilia, designing his own Ramones Museum. And they also serve great coffee!

Growing up with the sound of bad quality Ramones bootlegs when coming home from school, this museum was a must visit for me! My dad is to ‘blame’ and to this day he’s still a collector of music and a concert date rainman. I’m a pretty sure my crazy in love with music (and The Ramones) dad would have choked me to death if I didn’t go. Because of that my own interest, I decided to go. What I found was a tiny little sanctuary; a cute café in Berlin Mitte, where you can drink coffee surrounded by famous rock bands.

For those of you who have trouble remembering.

The museum came together when the founder’s girlfriend moved into his apartment and didn’t want to put up with her man’s extensive collection, at least that’s what the guy behind the bar told me. Out of love, he decided to store all of the items, but changed his mind within days. He then decided to exhibit his collection in a museum, his own museum, which he designed with love, according to the many self printed labels and notes on almost every item. You can see everything here, from clothing to tour schedules, it’s there!

Tip: You can combine your visit with a drink for €5. Cute: when you get in you get a tiny Ramones button as a ticket.


Visit the Ramones museum!

Krausnickstr. 23
10115 Berlin-Mitte

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