13 City Trip Travel Essentials

Finding the perfect travel essentials that will fit into your carry-on bag is now yesterday’s problem. In this post, you’ll find my 13 favorite city trip travel essentials. You’re welcome! 🙂





No more dead phones, ever!

I must admit I’m not using my phone a lot when I travel, apart from taking photos and trying not to get lost with Google Maps. Still, it’s comforting to know that I have battery power whenever I really need it. And of course I use one that is suitable for my tablet, too.


2.A great camera

Whether you’re a travel blogger or not, taking photos is probably something you’ll be doing a lot! Many people choose a DLSR because of the quality of the photos. However, when you don’t enjoy dragging a bulky (and heavy!) camera with you, a point-and-shoot is probably just what you need.

Another great items to bring is a Polaroid cam. I admit it’s not really a travel essential, but since having fun is, pack it anyway!

(For my travel photos I use the Sony Alpha A58 or my Samsung Galaxy S6)

travel essentials



City trips usually don’t require a completely different wardrobe, whatever you normally wear should be fine. Finding shoes that fit well and look great, however, can be a little more challenging.
I don’t know about you, but I change shoes a few times per week. Finding one perfect pair that goes with everything is way more difficult than finding one great, sturdy pair for outdoor activities. That’s why I always bring one sturdy pair (sneakers, like Nikes or Converse) and some kind of sandal or flipflop.

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Whether you’re a fan of Lonely Planet or something more ‘off the beaten path’, having a guide book takes you to places you probably wouldn’t have discovered on your own. For traveling through Europe, I often use the Citix60 guide books, created by 60+ inspiring travelers and creatives.


5.TSA lock

Remember that your luggage is exposed to a lot of people on your travels: airplane security, luggage handlers, hotel staff, taxi drivers, curious people on train stations… Even when you stay in a fancy hotel it’s wise to lock your bag to protect your valuables. Having a TSA lock makes me feel much more at ease when I’m out and about.


6.A great playlist

There’s no trip without the perfect soundtrack, is there? I use Spotify to create my ultimate travel playlists, which I use on long bus journeys or boring flights. The only downfall from Spotify is streaming music over (expensive) foreign internet. That’s why I download a few great albums to my phone every time I travel somewhere. My current favorite is Blackfield II by Blackfield.


7.Hammam towel

The hammam towel serves so many purposes that this might be my favorite travel essential of all time! It dries quick (faster than microfiber towels) and it doesn’t take up much space in my bag. I take it to the beach, pools and basically every hotel I stay in. Just perfect!


8.Travel size toiletry bottles

The only way to fit every product you love into a 1L liquids bag.


9.Packing Cubes

Never again will you throw all your clothes into a pile on the floor in search of that one top (which is, of course, at the bottom of your suitcase.). Packing cubes, or travel pouches, store your clothes, laundry and even electronics for you, keeping your suitcase neat and spacious.

I remember going away on my first long trip across Europe. I stored my clothes in plastic bags that went into my backpack. I believe I even tagged them with a sharpie. Thought I was a genius. Sigh…

travel essentials


10.Carry on backpack

There no need to pay for luggage fees when you have a great carry on size backpack at your disposal. I’ve been traveling with the Lowe Alpine Lightflite 40 Carry On Backpack for years, which is great for longer trips as well. What I like most about it is the fact that it has one large, square compartment, which is incredibly compatible with the packing cubes that I use.



Delays, boring flights and sunny terraces. They all require one simple thing: a great book! With a Kindle, you can read your favorite books without having to drag them along with you. Also, they’re quite simple to buy and download when on the go!


12.Makeup palettes

Dinners and nights out require a little more work from us girls to look our best. Because I refuse to carry all my makeup products with me, I purchased the NYX Love Contours All palette, which offers a wide variety of eyeshadows and contour and highlight shades. When you’re a little creative, there’s not much else you’ll need to look a little glammed on your night out.


13.Versatile brushes

I like to bring a few, versatile brushes with me on the road. A few years ago I fell in love with the Real Techniques Travel Essential Kit, a versatile kit which contains 3 brushes and a Miracle Complexion Sponge. Another favorite is the Morphe Travel Set, containing 12 brushes that I like to swap with other brushes from time to time. I never bring all 12 but it’s good to have them in my kit anyway.


Tell me your travel essentials by leaving a comment below!


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