The 5 Best Travel-Friendly Shoes For City Trips

Walking is the mode of transportation on any respectable city trip. There’s no better way to get lost in the maze that is Lisbon’s Old Town, to examine every tile at Parc Güell in Barcelona or to marvel at all of Rome after a fierce climb on Saint Peter’s Basilica. There’s also no quicker way to end the city trip fun than to be wearing uncomfortable shoes. 


Finding a decent pair of shoes for a city trip can seem worse than finding a date online! The wishlist goes on and on: they should be sturdy, comfortable, light weight, not too flat, not too high, well-ventilated, decent looking and most importantly, they have to go with everything you bring!

When you think packing – somewhat fashionable – outfits in one tiny suitcase isn’t hard enough already, try to find comfortable shoes to wear with every outfit – and I mean one pair for ALL of your outfits. No wonder we leave the house like it’s been stirred by a giant spoon, with a suitcase still full of footwear.

For as long as I remember I’ve had trouble finding shoes that didn’t hurt my feet, I usually shop at macys with a macys coupon but I mostly do that online.

Especially in summer – when no sandal comes without blisters – I feared getting my feet into a nice pair of strappies, leaving me to bring an enormous amount of flip flops each holiday.

Let me tell you that city trips can be done on flip flops alone. I’ve done it numerous times. However, when you don’t like your feet dirty all the time or when you consider accidentally stepping into a used needle not part of the usual vacation fun, I’d advise to get some real shoes on ya. I did, and I found myself a decent amount of pairs to wear, even when I’ll be walking a lot.

Depending on where I go, I take 3 pairs of shoes on a city trip: trainers or sneakers for all the hard work, canvas shoes for light to moderate walking and of course my all-time favorite flip flops. Most cities can easily be done by consistently changing up two pairs, while other trips are all about shuffling from one lounge bar to another on one.

Below I’ve listed comfortable and – where possible – fashionable shoes to take on your next city trip. No city trip should be ruined by aching feet and by choosing the colors and shapes wisely, it won’t be necessary to bring out your big suitcase. All of the shoes listed below I found easy to break in while having enough comfort and support for various kinds of activities.


The 5 Best Travel-Friendly Shoes For City Trips

(And no, you can’t bring all 5 of them!)

Havaianas Women’s Origine II Espadrilles

shoes for city trips
For many years I found comfort in Havaianas awesome flip flops, no wonder I love these shoes so much! These shoes are comfortable while still giving your feet the support they need. The thing I love most about these espadrilles is that the fabric breathes, which is perfect on hot summer days when trainers seem hotter than hell. They are also lightweight and easily foldable, so no fuss on the plane.


Converse All Stars

shoes citytrip
Every traveler should have some kind of canvas shoes and above all I prefer my Converse! Having a great pair of Converse shoes is like having a best friend – and how sad you are when your friendship takes its first hit when you discover a tear in the sole of your BAE’s.

I don’t think I’ve ever gone without a good pair of Converse All Stars, I buy a pair, wear them out completely and buy a new one. They go with almost everything, from shorts to skirts to loose jeans and dresses. Choose a color that’s suitable with your holiday wardrobe and you’re all set!


Adidas Outdoor AX 2 Hiking Shoe

shoes for city trips
Converse have taken me far during my city trips, the only downside of them is that they can become slippery when it rains or on very smooth stairs. That’s why I prefer to change it up from time to time by wearing the Adidas Outdoor AX 2 hiking shoes.

The best thing about these shoes is that they give you all the support you need, while still looking like normal trainers. I find that most hiking shoes scream tourist and these certainly don’t. Other than that they are very comfortable and – after breaking them in lightly – wearable for an entire day.


Teva Sandals

shoes for city trips
You can have all the comfortable shoes in the world, there’s almost nothing that goes above the Teva sandals. These shoes have been our best travel buds for ages, right now they’re considered stylish, too! You can say all you want about these babies, Teva’s are incredibly comfortable!


H&M Canvas shoes

shoes for city trips
There’s no particular kind of canvas shoes I like at H&M – although there are certainly ones I didn’t enjoy –as H&M likes to change them a little every season. They’re not particularly fashionable, it’s just that they are so damn cheap and easy to bring with you.

I always have a pair at hand when I need to head out for a few days. I’ve used them on day trips, during short trips in the mountains (although you shouldn’t climb in them) and they’ve given me much comfort on my many city trips. Admitted, the soles are a bit on the flat side and you wear them out quite easily. However, for €10 per pair I’m not even mad about it.


What are YOUR favorite shoes to bring on a city trip? Do you have trouble finding the perfect shoes for travel like me or are you blessed with feisty feet? Let me know what your favorite city trip shoes are by leaving a comment below!


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