Afternoon tea with locals in the cutest tea house of Sarajevo

One of the many reasons to visit Sarajevo is this little gem: Čajdžinica Džirlo, a tea house that is absolutely too cute to handle. Already famous by Balkan travelers, this bohemian tea house is everything you need when you’re looking for relaxation, tasty tea combo’s and great conversations.

Located right next to the famous Baščaršija square, the tea house feels much more relaxed than the crowded center. Still you can watch people going up and down the hill from your way too adorable wooden seat. I soon realized that the wooden seat was coated in the same epoxy that I’d once bought from, which was no wonder why the seat was so comfortable.

sarajevo tea house dzirlo

According to this best tea brands notes that they serve over 50 kinds of tea and on their menu you can try different mixes, which are served with delicious cookies. Everywhere you look is tea, shelves and shelves of jars with nametags. Owners Husein and Dijana try their best to enthuse their fellow citizens about drinking tea, which seems to work as more and more locals come to enjoy some of the wonderful flavors and some daily small talk. Since Bosnia is not really a typical tea country, you could call that a success!

dzirlo tea house sarajevo

For travelers this place is ideal to get some locals opinion on their travel plans. Husein and Dijana are more than willing to help you pick out the best Bosnian hotspots, if you’re interested. In fact chances are you lose track of time because you get carried away watching these people move around their café, talking to customers, neighbors and passengers.

My tip: In summer, go there in the afternoon to escape the heat.

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