Tbilisi’s Stonehenge: The Chronicle of Georgia

When I was researching things to see and do in Tbilisi through Google Maps, I stumbled upon the a seemingly huge site known as the Chronicle of Georgia. I favorited it, as I do with interesting locations to visit later, and only thought about it again when it was time to discover the Chronicle.   Little did I know this majestic memorial statue isn’t that well known by local Georgians. In fact, only a few people I spoke to knew of its existence and even fewer of them went to take a look. You can imagine it cost us some time to explain to a – Russian speaking – taxi driver where we wanted to go. When you have no idea what the Chronicle of Georgia is, the best I can do to describe it is a huge ass statue made of columns, set on a hill. It chronicles Georgia’s history. The top part of the statue features the kings and queens of Georgia, the lower part portrays the life of Christ. The dark sculpture can be seen all the way from the highway, if you pay attention that is. The Chronicle of Georgia was created by Zurab Tsereteli, a … Continue reading Tbilisi’s Stonehenge: The Chronicle of Georgia