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It’s not very often that you find affordable accommodation right in the city center. Of course staying in a hostel can have some great value; you can stay somewhere cheap and make new friends on the way! At Tey hostel, located just around the corner from the old market square in Poznan, I found an affordable double room and today I’m sharing my thoughts on this place. 


Arriving at Tey Hostel

When I got to the hostel it was already 4:00 am and I was so happy to be able to sleep for just a bit. The guy at the reception was very friendly. He made sure my luggage was taken care of, even though I walked in with my Polish friend, who offered to help with my backpack.

Because I didn’t know my exact arrival time I booked for one extra night. The room that I had booked already wasn’t available anymore so I booked something somewhat cheaper. Lucky for me, I could stay in my more luxurious room the entire time.

Tey Hostel Poznan

My Tey Hostel Review

However I also must confess that the hostel was very comfortable in all other ways. The bed was great and the room was big enough for me to move around in. Also, I loved the fact that I had a sink of my own so I could quickly wash my hands or brush my teeth.


Something that really surprised me is the cleanliness of the hostel. Every morning I used to greet the nice ladies who cleaned the hostel and once in a while I could see them work. The place was really spotless, which of course I loved. Never have I seen something unpleasant in any bathroom or toilet area. Actually, the entire hostel had a really nice atmosphere as it was decorated in the cutest way. I found it to be very much in the style of Poznan with all the cute details on buildings and in the streets.

Tey Hostel Poznan

Common areas

One thing I did find rather strange is the lack of recognizable common areas. No worries, they are there, but you really have to search for them. There is a breakfast area where they serve good (and cheap) breakfast and using the kitchen wasn’t a problem at all either. However, I never met anyone while staying in the hostel and believe me, that wasn’t because I was stuck in my private room.

The bar downstairs did help a little, although they didn’t seem to understand ‘vodka juice’ as they gave me some weird lemonade with alcohol in it. (I couldn’t recognize if it was truly vodka, sorry). Is that a Polish thing or did the lady just not understand me? It was a nice place to sit and read or watch local sports though. It wasn’t entirely clear to me if the bar belonged to the hostel or not, but in the end, who cares?


  • Very clean
  • Centrally located
  • Affordable (€18 for a double room and €9 for a bed in an dorm of 8 beds)
  • Comfortable beds
  • Nicely decorated
  • Cheap (and good) breakfast (10 PLN)

– –

  • No key to enter the front door but a buzzer


So, would I stay there again? It’s such a convenient location and the hostel itself seemed pretty clean and good. Tey Hostel is cute, just like Poznan. I will definitely be back!

You can book your stay at Tey Hostel here.

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    June 8, 2015 at 12:13

    Sounds good for a hostel but I to would like my own bathroom

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