Packing list for Georgia

Planning a trip to Georgia? In this article you’ll find information on what to wear, plus a full his and hers packing list for Georgia. 

Since the moment I started writing about Georgia, I’ve been getting questions about what to put on your packing list for Georgia. Although I’ve made a (carry on) packing list for city trips that is quite similar, there are a few things you should keep in mind for traveling to Georgia.


What’s different this time is that I’ve included a list for him as well. After nagging my boyfriend to write down his packing list for Georgia, he came up with a few nifty items to bring with you.


Why you need a packing list for Georgia

There are so many things to do in the Caucasus region and Georgia’s possibilities are endless: you can hike, climb, paraglide, city trip, drink wine or lay on the beach. Giving you advice on what to put on your packing list for Georgia all depends on what kind of traveler you are and where you will go. We will get to that in a minute.

Although Georgia isn’t a difficult country to travel through, there are some things you could take under consideration that are the same for every tourist:

packing list for georgia


While the Caucasus mountain range in the north works as a barrier for the cold air from the north, warm (even subtropical) air comes in through the Black Sea. Climatic differences are determined by altitude and distance from the Black Sea, meaning you can’t visit the places located in the high Caucasus mountains from the end of September until the beginning of May.

Summer can become quite hot in Georgia, even wandering around in the Caucasus mountains we didn’t need a jacket or vest to keep us warm during the day. However, when you want to hike long tracks and stay the night, you will have to bring this one here and the other appropriate equipment to make yourself warm.

Simple clothing (shirts and thin, loose pants) are also a must, as you might like to move around in comfort.

packing list for georgia

Covering up

Because of its location, Georgia has been an important part of the silk road. The country houses many groups of people with various religions. Although the country is mostly (Georgian) orthodox, you’ll encounter many forms of Christianity, Islam and (back in the day) even paganism.

Religion is important in Georgia, however, in most cases, this doesn’t mean you must cover yourself up from head to toe.

In fact, you are only supposed to cover yourself up though whenever you enter a religious building. Georgia is home to some amazing churches and monasteries, so ladies might want to bring a scarf to cover their hair and shoulders before entering. Also, it is preferred that you wear a long dress or skirt instead of jeans. Don’t worry though, almost every church offers skirts and scarves at the entrance. Men are not allowed inside wearing shorts and should cover themselves with the same wrap skirt offered at the entrance.

Other than that, Georgia doesn’t have a dress code, summer dresses are encouraged as well 😉

packing for georgia
Me with a scarf loosely wrapped around my shoulders and a borrowed wrap skirt.

Comfortable shoes

The country is quite mountainous, so comfortable sneakers or hiking shoes might me a good idea to bring. I was stupid enough to forget my hiking shoes, so I survived (well) on my old Reebok sneakers. For going to the seaside, you might want to bring flip flops to protect you from the pebbly beaches at Batumi.

Most Georgians I’ve met don’t wear expensive hiking shoes to go anywhere, however, they won’t go unused whenever you decide to bring them.

packing list for georgia
My dirty old sneakers came in handy for climbing the hills of Tbilisi.

Hiking and adventure gear

Depending on your travel plans, you want to take the appropriate attire. If you’re planning to head to the mountains to do some amazing tracks (or maybe even go paragliding), make sure to research what you need to bring to make your trip successful. Unfortunately, I’m not an experienced hiker (we did short tracks only), so I can’t give you advice on that. However, Jozef from Caucasus Trekking has all the information you need when it comes to hiking this amazing country.

I spent most the summer in Tbilisi, while doing short trips to the Caucasus mountains, Georgia’s wine region Kakheti, the Stalin museum, the Uplistsikhe caves and even Armenia. Personally, I’m into culture, art and history, so there will be less special equipment on my list.


Travel light

Tbilisi’s hills and small streets are not made for rolling around a 30kg suitcase.

As you might know, I always travel with carry-on luggage only. My Lowe Alpine Lightflite 40 Carry On Backpack is spacious enough to carry everything for a 3-week trip to Georgia. I even found room to smuggle back a few bottles of wine, although I did have to check my bag for it.

My boyfriend travels with an old Nomad Backpack nowadays, which is not designed as a carry-on backpack. His wish list now entails the Osprey Porter, which is suitable for most travel occasions. I’d recommend using this backpack or a similar one for traveling lighter and cheaper.

We either use TravelWise packing cubes (which are AMAZING!) or Ikea packing cubes (which are good and cheap) to keep everything orderly.

When you’re keen on traveling around by minibuses, make sure not to overpack. Although some will find space on the roof for your giant backpacks, this isn’t always the case. Traveling carry on only will prevent these problems.

packing list for georgia
packing list for georgia

In short, there are 3 things you should know before packing for Georgia:

  • Dress appropriately;
  • Bring comfortable shoes;
  • Travel light.


Packing list for Georgia – How to survive 3 weeks in the Caucasus with carry on only


My packing list for Georgia

In this packing list for Georgia you will find everything I took with me for 3 weeks, including beauty stuff, toiletries and handy accessories.

Because I travel carry on, I bring a 1L bag for my liquids. Everything that doesn’t fit, I buy upon arrival. Some things are very expensive to buy abroad (like tampons), I never forget to bring them!

For makeup I only bring stuff that’s not too expensive and can be replaced if something terrible might happen. I hardly use it, but I do like a ‘glam up’ whenever I go out to dinner.

It might be good to know that I wash my clothes while traveling. This way, I don’t have to bring that much stuff.




  • Sneakers*
  • Sandals
  • Flipflops (In case you’re going to the beach, otherwise I would leave them out)
  • 1 pair of chinos or jeans*
  • 2 pairs of loose trousers
  • 2 sleeveless blouses
  • 2 tops with thin straps
  • 3 t-shirts
  • 1 long sleeve top*
  • 1 hoodie
  • 1 light (waterproof) jacket*
  • 1 jumper (merino wool)
  • 1 maxi dress
  • 1 skirt
  • 4 pairs of underwear
  • 2 bras*
  • 2 big shirts to sleep in
  • 4 pairs of socks + 1 pair of thick hiking socks
  • 1 colorful scarf
  • 1 pair of sunglasses


*I wear these on the plane.

packing list for georgia
Another example of what to wear: a black blouse, black skirt and sandals. Easy peasy!


  • Micellar water (or simple makeup remover)
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunblock for the face (SPF 50, because I am PALE!)
  • Shampoo (mini)
  • 3 hair masks (one for every week, I use them instead of conditioner as they are easier to pack)
  • Toothpaste + toothbrush
  • Mini deodorant (I buy a large one at a local drugstore once I’m there)
  • Hairbrush (I always use a tangle teezer for my crazy hair!)
  • Hairbands + clips
  • Moroccan Oil (mini)
  • Lipbalm (I always use Carmex) as it has a little SPF
  • Tampons (quite expensive to buy in Georgia)
  • Bug spray for when you’re traveling in summer. (There’s also one with only 30% DEET)
  • Bandaids
  • Razor
  • Basic makeup like mascara, eyeliner and BB Cream.


Toiletries I buy while I’m in the country: (extra) shampoo, deodorant, shower gel, regular (SPF50) sunblock. This way I can travel with carry on only.

packing list for georgia
Simple khaki chinos, a shirt and sneakers.


  • DSLR + charger (I have the Sony Alpha A68)
  • Phone + charger
  • Samsung tablet + charger
  • Extra memory cards
  • Headphones
  • Electric converters/ world plugs (In Georgia the power sockets are of type C and F. The standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.)


Other stuff:

packing list for georgia
The maxi dress I brought.

His packing list for Georgia

When I asked my boyfriend to make a packing list for Georgia, he looked at me with confusion. Why would he bring ANYTHING else than what he would usually wear?

He loves to dress formal: slim, tapered trousers, white dress shirts and black, pointy shoes. I convinced him (almost by force) formal trousers would get dirty and a tie would be too hot. Other than that, he wore the exact same outfits as he would wear to work, which is smart considering (thin) white dress shirts are in fact great for hot summer weather.

After traveling together for years, I believe him when it comes to looking sharp and feeling comfortable at the same time.




2 chinos*

  • 4 white button-down shirts *
  • 1 white t-shirt
  • 2 sleeping shirts
  • 1 thin, merino wool sweater
  • 1 light jacket
  • Black formal shoes (Yes, really. He also climbed the Narikala Fortress wearing these. I Would NOT recommend that!)
  • Hiking shoes
  • 4 pairs of underwear
  • 4 pairs of socks + 1 pair of hiking socks
  • 1 pair of sunglasses


*will wear (one of) them on the plane.

packing list for georgia
packing list for georgia
He climbed these ‘stairs’ at Narikala Fortress in dress shoes. Don’t try this yourself, he’s crazy!



  • Shampoo (mini)
  • Shower gel (mini)
  • Contact lens fluid
  • Toothpaste + toothbrush
  • Comb
  • Sea salt spray (He normally uses sea salt spray by Moroccan Oil, but it’s hard to find one that fits a carry on liquids bag)
  • Razor
  • Mini deodorant





  • Hammam towel
  • Notebook + pen
  • Deck of cards



That concludes this his and hers packing list for Georgia. If you happen to have any questions, make sure to leave them below! As always, tag me in all your travel photos (I love perfectly packed bags, too!) on all my social media accounts!


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packing list for georgia


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