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Whether you’re just here for a day or two or when you’ve decided to skip touristy Amsterdam, I’m glad you’ve found your way to The Hague! The royal city has been slightly overlooked by tourists, a shame if you ask me. 

I’ve been telling you all along that there’s more to the Netherlands than Amsterdam.

Since Amsterdam is overflowing with tourists, city council decided to collaborate with the city of The Hague. Tourists arriving on Schiphol airport will be tempted to visit the royal city through posters hanging in the arrival gates.

That being said, when you do trade in Amsterdam for The Hague, you also need a place to rest your tired head after a day of visiting all the amazing attractions The Hague has to offer! Below I’ve listed some of my favorite hotels in The Hague, each with a unique feature to enjoy the city even more.


Top hotels in The Hague


Park Hotel The Hague

Sleep in the very center of The Hague? Might as well do it in style! Park Hotel Den Haag is a 4 star hotel located between many of the city’s highlights such as Mauritshuis en Panorama Mesdag. And with the many restaurants and bars in the area, you need a comfortable place to rest your tired head.

Check prices and availability here.


B-aparthotel Kennedy

Located in the fancy ‘Statenkwartier’ of The Hague, this aparthotel offers everything you need for a comfortable stay: a lovely interior, kitchenette and a super comfy bed! From the Kennedy Aparthotel you can easily reach important places like the Palace of Peace and World Forum.

At the Kennedy Aparthotel it’s also possible to rent a bicycle, which is perfect for exploring The Hague even further. The Statenkwartier neighborhood might not be super touristic (which is always a plus for me!), it’s a cool place to discover The Hague’s elegant architecture, cool shops and restaurants.

Check prices and availability here.


Boutique Hotel De Salon

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Boutique Hotel de Salon is located on a walking distance from everything important in the city center of The Hague. This beautifully decorated bed and breakfast offers comfy rooms and a bar. The location in the fancy part of the center and close to the Palace ‘Noordeinde’ is perfect for those who want to experience royal The Hague.

Check prices and availability here.


Bacán Bed & Breakfast

hotels the hague
Situated in the Royal quarter, this bed and breakfast is probably your best choice when visiting The Hague! The place has a gorgeous view of Palace Noordeinde and the palace gardens and is located on walking distance from all the major attractions such as Binnenhof.

Guests love Bacán because of the owner, who loves to interact with his guests and give them the best information possible. Bacán only has two rooms so you must be quick!

Tip: The fact that the Palace Gardens are not well-known by tourists or locals make them a perfect, off-the-beaten path destination to visit!

Check prices and availability here.


The Hague Teleport Hotel

For a great view over the city of The Hague, stay in the Teleport Hotel. The hotel offers 58 rooms and is located in between the city center and Madurodam amusement park. Aside from the amazing view, all rooms offer a well-equipped kitchenette and a comfy bed. Your smart tv in the rooms also offers free Netflix so you can binge-watch your favorite shows abroad.

Check prices and availability here.


Berger’s B&B

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Berger’s Bed and Breakfast is located in the city center and offers beautifully decorated rooms and a lovely garden. The location, 750 meters from Binnenhof, is perfect for those interested in The Hague’s famous attractions. Whether you want to shop, dine or stroll through the beautiful city, you’ll always have your comfy bed within reach.

Check prices and availability here.


The Penthouse Apartment

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For lovers of amazing views, the Penthouse Apartment is the place to be! Situated in The Hague tower, this hotel offers 8 large apartments on the 38th en 39th floor, as well as 12 studio’s on the 29th and 30th floor.

The apartments have a well-equipped kitchen (including a dishwasher), comfy beds and ,of course, the most amazing view in The Hague! The Hague Tower is located on a convenient location, between Huis ten Bosch (where the King lives) and the New Babylon shopping center. From there it’s only a short stroll to expat neighborhood ‘Bezuidenhout’, the lovely ‘Haagse Bos’ park and the city center.

Check prices and availability here.


Hotel Des Indes

When you’re talking hotels in The Hague, you can’t miss Hotel Des Indes! This incredibly famous hotel is the face of The Hague and has a history of welcoming guests for over a 130 years.

This fancy hotel is located on one of the high-end streets of The Hague (Lange Voorhout), right next to the mesmerizing Escher Museum. Guests can enjoy an elegant dinner as well as a delicious high tea. The hotel also offers spa facilities.

Check prices and availability here.



Did you find a hotel in The Hague?

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