What it costs to travel Georgia

Wondering what it costs to travel Georgia? In this article I’ll attempt to show you how much we spent traveling this awesome country in the Caucasus. Me and my boyfriend went on a 3,5-week journey in this beautiful country, exploring mountains, caves, wine regions and the capital city of Tbilisi. 

On our journey we documented all of our expenses, from our flight there, accommodation, museums to every last bite of khinkali. The latter we spent the most on. Trust me, when you’ve been to Georgia, you know there’s no holding back on food!

In this article I’ll give you a general idea of what it costs to travel Georgia. We documented our own expenses and did some research on costs we didn’t make.


What this list of travel costs to travel Georgia is based on:

We are definitely mid-range travelers who love great food, a good bottle of wine and creating amazing memories. We attempt to stay in a private room or apartment and we’re never frugal on wine and coffee.

Other than that, we travel pretty low key. By using public transport, following locals to the best restaurants and having priorities on what we want to see, we make sure our trip is complete, relaxing and fun.

costs to travel georgia

What it costs to travel Georgia



As there are almost no direct flights from The Netherlands to Georgia, we had to go through Kiev. For anyone who has traveled through Kiev airport, I salute you! Spending 7 (!) hours in teeny tiny terminal D comes terribly close to what I see in my worst nightmares!

Of course, we could’ve gotten out of the airport as we require no visa to enter Ukraine. 7 hours is just a very short time if you want to travel to Kiev, explore and get back in time to get through security and board your plane. It’s amazing how different your perception of time is when spent inside or outside an airport terminal, haha!

However, flying is the best option, as there are almost no comfortable routes to travel to Georgia over land. Now that there’s more demand in flights, let’s hope the ticket prices will go down soon.

Having said that, it is cheaper to fly to Georgia from other European capitals, such as Kiev and Bucharest.

What we spent on our flight:

Amsterdam – Kiev – Tbilisi: €220 for a return ticket (per person).


In total we spent €440 on flights.


Check out my guide to finding affordable flights here.

costs to travel georgia
Actual footage of me trying to stay positive while locked inside Kiev’s terminal D for 7 hours.


We chose to stay in Tbilisi most days because if you want to explore Georgia, there’s a good chance you’ll have to go through the capital anyway. Apart from that, I like staying in a city for a reasonable amount of time. This way I really get to know it – from back alley street art to hipster café’s, I want to know all!

More and more tourists are finding their way to this beautiful country, too. Although there’s enough construction going on in the city of Tbilisi, finding a decent room can be somewhat of a challenge.

On Airbnb, however, you’ll find plenty apartments to choose from. Staying in an Airbnb for a week or more can safe you some serious bucks as some hosts take up to 40% off the week price.

Not signed up for Airbnb yet? Get a voucher worth €25 for your next stay!

Prices listed below are an average of what it costs to sleep Georgia. When you just stay in capital city Tbilisi, you end up spending more. That’s also the case when you decide to stay in the very center of things. Staying outside of Tbilisi will usually save you a buck or two as well. You might have less to choose from as the accommodation hassle is a nationwide problem.

costs to travel georgia
Give me a room with this view please.

Average prices of accommodation in Georgia:

  • Hostel: prices start at €6
  • Guesthouse: Starting from €12
  • Hotel: starting from €15
  • Airbnb: starting from €10 for a shared house, €15 for a private space.
  • Camping: usually free


Remember that these are the lowest prices you can count on. For example: for our accommodation in Tbilisi we spent around €25 per night for two people. In other places we spent less.


We spent €520 in total on accommodation in Georgia

That comes down to €10,40 per person, per night.


Check out my list of accommodation in Tbilisi here.

costs to travel georgia



Transport isn’t that expensive in Georgia. Budget travelers will have no problem moving around in the mini buses or marshrutkas, driving in all directions imaginable. For luxury travel there are private tour companies or taxi’s who’ll gladly have you aboard.

Taxi’s within the city aren’t crazy expensive either, when you haggle a little. Although opinions on this vary a lot, you shouldn’t pay more than 5 – 10 GEL for a taxi ride within Tbilisi. Do realize you are not a local, taxi drivers will always try to squeeze every possible penny out of you.

costs to travel georgia
Make sure you have money to buy a cool souvenir.

Average costs of traveling Georgia by public transport

  • The famous mashrutkas (mini buses) within a city will usually cost you between 0,50 GEL and 2 GEL. Everything within Tbilisi cost us 0.90 GEL.
  • Long distances cost between 5 GEL and 40 GEL, depending on where you’re heading.
  • Traveling by metro in Tbilisi is done by using a metro card that will cost you 2 GEL to purchase. After that you can top it up every time you travel. You can also use this card for the bus and the Narikala ropeway. Metro fares are around 0,50 GEL per journey.
  • A city bus will take you to all the important parts of the city for 0,50 GEL per ticket. The airport transfer from the airport to the center of Tbilisi costs about the same.
  • Taking the train is very easy and cheap, although you do have to register with the Georgian railways to buy a ticket online. Ticket prices vary a lot. In general, you pay 10 GEL for a 2,5-hour train ride.
  • Be careful when you take a taxi. Just like in any other country, taxi drivers try to fool their passengers by charging more. A taxi ride within the city should cost no more than 5 – 10 GEL. Sometimes they drive you to an attraction and wait for you before taking you back. Make sure to negotiate a price before you get in.


We spent a total of 100 GEL (€34) on public transportation.

That comes down to 50 GEL (€17) per person.

costs to travel Georgia
The ‘crazy’ traffic in Kazbegi.



Dinnertime is not the time to be frugal in Georgia! Although Georgian food isn’t that expensive, it is too good to save on. Food is very personal, that’s why I’m not going over what we are in too much detail. Also, it varies a lot from city to city and area to area. When you eat in the center of Tbilisi, you spend much, much more than anywhere else.

On our journey, we wanted to try as many different restaurants as we could. We spent days listing places to eat and meals to have. By doing so, we didn’t focus that much on price, although we never splurged on high end restaurants.

Like everywhere, there is a huge difference between restaurants, pubs and bistro’s. When you do your research well, you could end up with a lower daily food budget easily!

Average food prices

  • Dinner in an inexpensive restaurant: 15 GEL
  • Dinner in an expensive restaurant: 60 GEL
  • Glass of house wine: 5 – 8 GEL
  • Glass of water: 0,50 GEL
  • Soft drinks: 1 – 3 GEL

Before we traveled to Georgia, we decided our food budget would be around 75 GEL (€25) per person, per day.

That was a right estimate. For that money we ate out almost every afternoon and evening, which you can call pretty luxurious. This also includes the many bottles of wine we drank, all the sigarettes we smoked and the taco-flavored Doritos we ate. Seriously, those are delicious!

The total we spent on food was a whopping €1250!


Check out what we ate in Tbilisi and you’ll probably double your food budget!

costs to travel georgia
Don’t forget to make a little room in your budget for a wine tasting or two.

Museums & activities

There is a lot to do in Georgia when it comes to cool places to visit and museums to wander around in. The average price for entering an attraction is between 3 and 10 GEL. For example: visiting the cave town of Uplistsikhe cost us 3 GEL per person.

Usually guided tours within a museum or historical building will be around 15 – 50 GEL.

We spent €60 on activities.

costs to travel georgia
A casual visit to the Stalin Museum.


We also did a few tours while in Georgia, mainly because we didn’t feel like driving ourselves. When you’ve been to this country, you know about the crazy traffic!

All tours we did were completely private, which made it a little pricier than when you’d go with a group. It was all so worth it though!

For example: a private day tour to Kazbegi cost us €80 per person. This included a driver and guide as well as a delicious lunch.

Usually, I’m not too fond of organized tours but in Georgia it was different. The tour guides in particular are worth splurging for a bit. We gained a lot of knowledge about social life among different age groups in Tbilisi, food and history from different perspectives.

One tour guide even invited us to a basketball game between Georgia and The Netherlands!

Our favorite tour guide was by far Irakli from Kartveli Tours.


Overall, we spent €380 on tours in Georgia.

costs of traveling georgia
One of the tours got us to Armenia!

What it costs to travel Georgia


In total, we spent a whopping €2694 on our 3,5-week holiday in Georgia.

To sum up, this includes:

  • 2 plane tickets: €440
  • Accommodation: €520
  • Transportation: €34
  • Food €1250 (OH MY GOD!)
  • Activities: €60
  • Tours: €380
  • Souvenirs: €10

(Everything calculated in this list is for 2 persons combined.)


Looking for Georgia travel inspiration? Check out these awesome itineraries for Georgia by Journal of Nomads! 


And there it is, folks! I hope you have an idea of what it costs to travel Georgia. We are in no way budget travelers, although we do watch out we don’t spend too much. There’s just one thing I never cut down on and that is food. And boy, when we think of Georgia our minds go straight to food! We have no regrets at all! 😉

You, however, can cut down on costs easily by sleeping in hostels, cooking for yourself and not spending a ridiculous amount of money on tours. This is just how we did it.

Let me know what you’ve spend on your trip to Georgia, if you’ve been. If not, make sure you ask everything I forgot to mention.


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    Wow that’s a lot on flights, I dread to think how much it would cost you to get to Asia from the Netherlands, as I can get to Georgia from the UK via Budapest for as low as €70-€80 with 6 hours flying time. Maybe things have changed over the past couple of years since.

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      Hi Kieran! Yes, things have changed. There are ways to get there cheaper (Bucharest is a good hub) but from The Netherlands it’s still quite expensive.

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