Bucket list inspiration – London NYE fireworks

New Years Eve is known to be disappointing to many, until now! The Major of London presents London NYE fireworks 2015, a sensational show where fireworks shoot out of the London Eye. The best thing? You can view it live from the Thames.

What more could a person want? Therefore I am thrilled to announce that I will be checking this amazing event off my bucket list this year! Yes, me, the girl who doesn’t like big crowds or waiting in line is going to witness a fireworks show in one of the most popular cities in the world!

London has been a great love of mine, and although my adoration for this city is decreasing lately, I can’t wait to dance the night away on London’s biggest party of the year! I’ll fly in and out within 24 hours, so this trip will be anything I always wanted it to be: crazy, (too) decadent and way too awesome!

Want to go?

You can! To make this event safe as possible, the city of London is selling tickets this year. For £10 you can choose a spot on 3 viewing locations: north 1, north 2 and south. Tickets are sold here.

During the holiday season (and let’s say the rest of the year) London is quite expensive. My tip: Search for accommodation on airbnb. The price difference with other sites can be quite shocking! Also, make sure you arrive for the fireworks in time. The best viewing points (although ticketed) can get really crowded!

Can’t go?

Don’t cry. You can watch it live on TV. Every year the BBC documents the whole thing and puts it on YouTube. Enjoy!

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