Best fries in The Hague

The best thing about moving is probably finding your new, favorite places to eat. The last few months I have been on the lookout for the best fries in The Hague, which is one of the most delicious hobbies I’ve had in a while. 

I discovered that The Hague has lots to offer; From the regular – and simple – fries, sold in the typical pointy bag to creative, hand-cut, hipster fries with crazy toppings. Even Michelin chefs have started little snack shops to fill stomachs all over the city.

In the Netherlands fries (or patat) are so much more than just a side order. Especially when bought from street vendors, a portion of fries with a dollop of mayonnaise – or ‘patatje met’ – might be just what one needs after a day of shopping or relaxing on the beach.

fries the hagueBIK frietwerk interior

Some facts!

Fries or chips were first made in Spain before they came to the rest of Europe. In 1680 the people of Namen, Ardenne and Dinant (Belgium) started frying potatoes when it was too dangerous to fish in the Maas river.

There’s an ongoing debate on what to call this delicacy. People in the urban area of The Netherlands use the name ‘patat’, while people from the south and Belgium use the term friet or frites. The actual name is patat frites, so I guess both are wrong, haha. In the English speaking world, most people say fries or chips.

The Dutch eat their fries with a series of sauces that we might call traditional. Mayonnaise is probably the most regular topping to order and many Dutchmen’s favorite. Then there’s ‘speciaal’ (mayo, curry ketchup and onions) and the beloved peanut sauce variations. Only a few eat their patatjes with regular ketchup or some other kind of sauce.



Looking for some piping hot, crispy fries in The Hague? Here’s where to get them!


BIK Frietwerk

fries the hague
Garlic fries with guacamole – €6.90

BIK Frietwerk serves crunchy, hand carved fries with a delicious topping of your choice in a hipsterish self-service restaurant. Are you in the mood for a Bali style serve, with tender chicken, greens and a peanut sauce or would you rather dig into a big bowl of BBQ pulled pork? My favorite meal at BIK is guacamole with pico de gallo, sour cream and garlic fries. YUM!

Turfmarkt 228


Par Hasard

fries the hague
Fries with mayonnaise – €3.50

Fries at Par Hasard are simple yet incredibly fresh and delicious! This small food court, located on the Pier of Scheveningen, serves hand carved fries with homemade sauces as well as the typically Dutch ‘kroketten’. Trying patatje met – if courageous enough – is a must here since their mayonnaise is to die for!  They even got onto the top 10 list of best fries in the Netherlands and ended up with a 9/10 from the Jury.

The Pier itself has always been somewhat of a letdown, so I’d advice eating your pointy bag of fries on the beach or on the boulevard. When it’s not too windy, that is.

Pier, Scheveningen


Beer Garden

fries the hague
Fries with peanut sauce – €5,20

Fries aren’t the only thing you can get at Beer Garden, but it is worth mentioning because of the many delicious forms they come in. Sit yourself down on the vibrant square at Grote Kerk and enjoy crumbly fries with homemade peanut sauce with a side of refreshing sweet and sour cucumber, accompanied by one of their top draft or bottled beers.

The location of Beer Garden is great whenever you’re out and about in The Hague’s city center. I love to visit them whenever the sun’s out and I can never refuse to try something off their menu. Beer Garden’s plain fries are my favorite. So delicious!




fries in the hague
Fries with cheese, japapenos, pickles and onion – €4,75 (This one was impossible to photograph. I promise it’s delicious!)

The delicious fries from Minglemush are just one reason to visit. This street food concept, located right next to The Hague Central Station, serves all kinds of amazing food. One of the food vendors  of Minglemush (Burgers ‘n Freakin’ Fries) serves tasty fries with japanenos, pickles, onion and a sauce that reminded me of the famous Big Mac sauce at Mc Donald’s. Other options involve cheese and spicy ketchup, delicious!

Anna van Buerenplein 712


Frites Atelier Amsterdam

fries the hague
Fries “Flemish Stew” 

Feeling fancy? Frites Atelier Amsterdam takes ordinary fries to the Michelin star level. Top chef Sergio Herman spent 1,5 year perfecting his exciting creations; from zesty peanut sauce to Flemish beef stew with mustard seeds, it all looks and tastes incredible! The Hague is just one of their cool locations around the Benelux, but I sure hope they are here to stay!

Venestraat 7


Bram Ladage

fries the hague
Fries ‘Pinda Speciaal’ – €3,70

Bram Ladage isn’t as fancy as some of the mentioned places, however, their fries are too good not to share. A portion of fries is called a ‘Bram’ and you can get it with a lot of the traditional toppings. Bram’s fries are baked in soy oil, making them a tiny bit healthier and less greasy. I always go for a regular Bram with loads of peanut sauce, mayonnaise and freshly chopped onions.

Spuistraat 72



‘t Kleinste Winkeltje

fries the hague
Fries peanut sauce – €2,50

‘t Kleinste Winkeltje (or ‘the smallest shop’) is a well-known spot for eating fries in The Hague. With a shop the size of a single matress, tourists love to come and take a look (and taste) of what this shop is all about. ‘t Kleinste Winkeltje is also famous for their delicious peanut sauce.

Papestraat 1A

fries the hague



A few others

De Vrijheid (Freedom) is a small food court and one of The Hague’s unofficial landmarks located just a few steps from Central Station, serving plain fries with traditional toppings. De Vrijheid isn’t a place I’d recommend you to go to when you’re into fresh foods made from local ingredients, however, when interested in local landmarks, this one should be on your list! (Bezuidenhoutseweg 74)

fries in the hague

DAPP Frietwinkel serves delicious, golden fries with various, somewhat traditional toppings. Located right in the beginning of the main shopping area, this is a great way to survive a day of sightseeing in a hangry state. (Korte Poten 23)

HofHouse serves amazing garlic fries at the Burgerz food court. I wasn’t a fan of Burgerz, I think their burgers are kind of bland and I really didn’t like mushy onions they put on everything, but their fries are worth mentioning on this list. (Rijnstraat 10)

Jack Snack is The Hague’s number one when it comes to tasty patatjes. Unfortunately, he’s located way outside the city center. Looking for a taste? Take bus 24 to Mariahoeve (from Central Station) and exit at ‘Kleine Loo’. (Het Kleine Loo 456)


Over to you! Where can you eat the best fries in The Hague? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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