Best Day Trips From Dublin

Dublin is so lucky with that many fabulous adventures on its doorstep. I’ve given you the general advice on how to spend your days in Dublin and I think it is now time to talk about where to go for discovering more of Ireland. 


Whether you’re in Dublin for a long weekend, studying there or indulging in a serious Irish adventure, there comes a time to leave Dublin. Pack yourself a day’s worth of essentials (don’t forget that camera!) and take one of these wonderful day trips.


Best day trips from Dublin


day trips from dublin
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Starting out slow with a half day trip to Howth, at the northern tip of the Dublin Bay. Just 16 km from the city center, Howth is a peaceful fisherman’s town with an interesting history.

Things to do in Howth

  • Marvel at Howth castle (from the outside)
  • Walk the trail around Howth Head for views on the Irish sea, the Lambay and Ireland’s Eye islands and the Baily lighthouse.
  • Visit St. Mary’s abbey.

How to get there: Hop on the DART from city center to Howth DART station.

day trips from dublin


Used as a décor in many Hollywood films, Wicklow Mountains National Park is the place for getting in touch with nature again! The essential trip for those in need of hiking the Irish mountains and gazing over ‘the valley of the two lakes’.

What to do in Glendalough

  • Visit the Monastic City
  • Glendalough is the place for exploring the upper and lower lake formed by a glacier.
  • Hike one of the 9 mountain trails

How to get to Glendalough: By bus (check the Glendalough bus website), car or day tour.
day trips from dublin
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Newgrange is an ancient temple or passage tomb older than the Egyptian pyramids. It was built 5000 years ago in the New Stone Age. Every December 21st, for 17 minutes, the sunlight at dawn shines exactly through the temple.

Although it’s not easy to get to Newgrange because of the lack of public transport going in that direction, it’s still worth the trouble. Rent a car or take a tour – they recreate the event of the light on tours.
day trip from dublin
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A great little town, just two hours by bus from Dublin! Irish towns are usually very charming with their colored shops and cozy pubs, Kilkenny is no exception!

What to do in Kilkenny

  • Get blown away by Kilkenny Castle
  • Visit St. Canice’s Cathedral
  • Explore the Dunmore cave

How to get to Kilkenny: By bus.
day trips from dublin
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A vibrant little town worth leaving Dublin for. In half a day you can explore Malahide, the castle and discover the marina. A great way to explore Irish towns is through their pubs, too! Malahide gives you plenty opportunities to do so.

What to do in Malahide

  • Take a coastline walk.
  • Have a beer at Gibney’s.
  • Explore Malahide Castle.

How to get to Malahide: take the DART from Connolly station to Malahide train station.
day trips from dublin
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Just 15 km away from Dublin you can reach seaside town Dalkey, a charming attraction with a rich history. Dalkey offers activities year round, from history coming alive to a breath of fresh air on the islands.

What to do in Dalkey

  • Visit the two Norman castles and watch actors play out history events at the heritage center.
  • Take a boat to Dalkey Island.
  • Enjoy traditional Irish storytelling at Biddy’s Cottage.

How to get to Dalkey: Take the DART from Dublin city center (or the bus from Kildare street).


Which of the listed day trips from Dublin will you put on your next travel itinerary?

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    January 10, 2017 at 11:09

    Thank you Brave Dame, I have projects around Malahide and Howth and agree these are great places to visit. Howth Pier hosts many fine restos for those who adore fresh fish. Octopussy’s Seafood Tapas a real must. Seafood Chowder is A-1 among other delectible choices and very good wine selection.

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      The Brave Dame
      January 12, 2017 at 13:54

      Thanks Russell! Do tell me more about your projects! Both are excellent places indeed! 🙂

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        January 13, 2017 at 09:14

        Hi Brave Dame, I have a very niche profession so I get to travel alot and have been to 40 countries for my projects. Favorite countries for my work….Portugal, France, and my favorite country is Chile.

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