Hi there! I’m Rose!


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The Brave Dame is the personal travel blog of a – not so brave – young woman. Want to follow me while I stumble around the world? Here’s what you can expect:

The Brave Dame is a blog where I, Rose, document everything I do on my travels. The majority of my journeys is me traveling solo and trying to keep it together, as I am afraid of basically everything. I try to conquer my fears step by step, causing silly – yet educational – situations.

I didn’t throw the word education in by accident, it’s my way of telling you I’m a teacher, too! No, I don’t travel fulltime, as I teach Dutch at high school as my day job.

about brave dame

The reason I teach is the same reason I travel, I like every day to be different. Every day I survive in front of those crazy, crazy students counts as another adventure filled journey. Teaching is way harder than anything I’ve ever done, yet so rewarding I can’t do anything else. And yes, during those set holidays I do attempt to travel the world.

Most of my trips aren’t that far – or long – except for the summer, where I get six weeks to roam the world. On this blog I’ll share everything with you – from offbeat destinations, travel beauty hacks and food discoveries to interesting places to visit on a teacher’s budget. Oh, and I also have a bucket list!


Want to know more? Or do you just have another urgent question or suggestion? E-mail me at thebravedame@gmail.com


These are some of the questions people before you have asked:


How old are you? Are you married? Where do you live?

That’s what you get for not being listed in the phonebook. So, again: I’m Rose, I was born in 1986 (which means scrolling twice on any form) in the Netherlands, where I still live. My daily life focuses around Leiden and Amsterdam, where I respectively live and work. No, I’m not married but I’m fortunate enough to live with my special someone anyway.


How much of the time do you actually travel solo? (And why doesn’t your boyfriend want to tag along?)

Traveling alone is something I started doing out of necessity but learned to love on the way. I travel solo whenever I want to go somewhere and nobody has time to accompany me. It’s not a goal to travel alone, yet a way to explore the world anyway.

I can safely say that more than 50% of my travels are done by me, myself and I, while the rest of the time I travel with friends, family or my boyfriend. Yes, he does want to tag along (desperately) but he has responsibilities of his own.



Where have you been? (And what’s your favorite place?)

Europe, mostly. I’m only starting to broaden my horizons now. Pretty exiting when you think there’s so much out there to explore! However, I love my continent too and I must, must, must visit every country on it!

Recently I’ve explored the Caucasus region, spending my precious summer in Georgia. One of my favorite cities is probably Prague, although you can take me to Sarajevo, Tbilisi, Wroclaw or Berlin any time of the year. I won’t mind.

I love the kind of places that seems unspoiled by tourism, although those are hard to find nowadays. Usually I manage to escape the crowds by using my travel instinct and nifty hacks I learn on the go. This way you can see everything, without having to rely on hop on and off buses. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t share my tricks with you.



What camera do you use?

I have a Sony Alpha that I take on my trips, along with my phone. Most photos on my Instagram are taken with my beloved Samsung 6!


What’s your dream destination?

Definitely Japan! I keep putting it off because my trip has to be perfect. When I was 12 I became obsessed with this country and I’ve been planning since then. Right now I’m getting a little impatient, I hope to go there within 2 years.


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