A must stop city – Mediaș

During a road trip in Romania we stumbled upon the city of Mediaș, a cute medieval, and above all non-touristic, place, where I ended up really enjoying myself. I think it’ll be a must stopper in a few years, but if you like clean, unspoiled cities, why not now?

Mediaș is the second largest city of Sibiu county, but when you’re there it feels like a town. Close to cities like Sighsoara and Sibiu, most of the people seem to forget about Mediaș, which makes it the ideal place to peacefully wander around in. The place comes across very German, and looking at the population it’s no surprise to find out 44% of them is in fact German.

Driving to Medias is also not too shabby.

Driving to Medias is also not too shabby.

While it’s close to other, bigger attractions, the city of Mediaș has that unspoiled, clean feeling you’ve always wanted. During the evening it’s dead quiet. We took a stroll around the church, enjoying the sound of leaves blowing over the pavement. At night we slept at an apartment close to the center called Pension Mimi, which we rented from the cutest old lady I’ve seen in a long time.

Mediaș is not a city to stay in for a longer period of time, because basically there is not much to do. When you’re in the area though, I really suggest you take a quick look at this gorgeous, historic place. Also from this part of Transylvania it’s quite easy to visit other cities, such a Sighisoara and Sibiu.

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