9 ways for quick travel planning

You probably know the following first world problem: there are too many travel destinations on your list and you nearly don’t have time to do some actual travel planning. Still there is now way you won’t escape the country as soon as you have your few sacred days off from work. What do to, what to do. 


Lately I’ve been experiencing the same problem. Because of my very busy life as a teacher, student and blogger, I haven’t been able to catch up on my travel planning. I’ve kept my eyes open for new destinations, but I’m nowhere near planning or booking. With only a month to go until my next holiday – and the period of affordable airline tickets for that month way behind me – , you can imagine how anxious that makes me.

Travel planning used to be my everything, but since my work situation changed so has my way of planning. There must be a way to save time, I thought to myself, as I scrolled through the cheapest flights on Skyscanner. And so I tried to solve the problem partly by looking into 9 ways for quicker travel planning. As always, I wouldn’t me if I didn’t share them with you.

9 ways for quick travel planning


Ask yourself questions

Hot or cold weather?

City or rural?

Hotel or hostel?

Ask yourself questions to get to the point fast. By ruling out destinations that have cold weather or vice versa, you will narrow it down pretty quickly. When you feel like you’ve made a proper idea of your desired trip you simply make a list of places that fit the description.


Surprise yourself

Other people plan loads of things in your life, like surprise birthday parties and those awful bachelorette disasters. Why not indulge in an adventure like a surprise trip? Srprs.me is a company that plans those trips for you. The only thing you have to do is choose a package and enter the exact dates you want to travel and they do the rest for you. Find out at the airport where you’re going on the day to departure is definitely another way to see adventure. This one is definitely on my bucket list!

surprise yourself


Plan around an event

With one thing certain in your endless list of questions and uncertainties, travel planning will become easier and faster. Finally book that festival you always wanted to go to or a concert you wanted to see and the rest will soon follow. Also a great way to check off things from your bucket list.


Rely on other people’s itineraries

The internet is a gold mine when it comes to free travel itineraries. With a simple Google search you can find complete itineraries from other bloggers, ideas for day trips and excursions, etc. Simply bookmark the trips that seem interesting to you and add your wishes or change the parts that are not.


Do tours

Doing day tours or excursion is definitely something that’s frowned upon by a certain group of travelers, and as someone who used to belong to that group I can tell you it isn’t all bad. Especially when you don’t have time to plan, day tours can be a major solution. All you have to do is book your flight and accommodation and they will do the rest.

To make the most of your tour – and to make sure you aren’t embarking on a 16 hour jungle walk with a bunch of drunk students (unless that floats your boat) – there are a few things you can do:

  • Find a tour that’s age and fitness level appropriate to you. By checking the tour agencies website you’ll probably get an idea of the kind of tours they are offering and their target audience;
  • Go low season. Every tour is better when it’s with a secluded group of people.
  • Read reviews – Trip Advisor is great for honest opinions and so are blogs;

travel planning


Let Skyscanner make the decision

You still have to book your flight yourself, but when you fill in your travel dates, Skyscanner makes a list of flights for you with a price indication. I find it a great tool to make decisions on travel destinations fast as a part of my decision making involves my travel budget.


Let it go

A huge part of the travel lifestyle comes from escaping daily life. What better way to escape than to just go and see where you’ll end up? Okay, you have to find a way to get somewhere, choose a direction, get your visas straightened out or maybe even book a flight to a certain place or region, but that’s it. Once you’re off the plane you will find a place to sleep, thousands have done it before you and they’ve succeeded. Let it go, let it gooooooo.


Get inspired

A great way to get inspiration without consuming too much of your own time is checking travel accounts, locations and tags on Instagram and Pinterest. I do these things on my commutes, while waiting for my coffee and while on the loo (you do it too, admit it!). This way I end up with very specific locations for my travel list, making it easier to make a fast decision on travel direction.


Use websites and apps to plan

Welcome to the world of internet where everyone is trying to make your life easier! Route planners have been here for quite some time now and lately travel planning apps have become better and hotter. These websites are my favorites when it comes to quick travel planning:


Over to you!

What’s your favorite way of planning your trips? Do you have time to properly plan? Let me know your tips and suggestions below!

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