7 reasons to stay in an Airbnb

Say you want it all. A nice, tidy room for you to sleep, on a central location, great recommendations, a glimpse of what regular life is like up there and if possible, you want it for a fair price. If you were nodding yes in your mind you might want to start paying attention. Due to my recent, very positive, experiences with the Airbnb website, I present to you today: 7 reasons to stay in an Airbnb


It’s cheaper

Be honest, who likes spending their money on a hotel when you can have a much cheaper alternative by living with local people? That is if you like spending mini vacations like me – deciding to spend New Years in London on a whim – and therefore having to be creative on accommodation. I spent ¼ of the amount I would’ve spend on a hotel, by staying in an Airbnb.


Living a local life

That’s the whole idea. On Airbnb it’s possible to rent an entire place, or just a room, which means living in someone’s home. Locals have their own favorite spots in the city, spots you maybe wouldn’t come across. Who to trust but them?

 – The peabody estate on the south bank, London

Intriguing living experiences

Airbnb means any kind of living situation, including tree houses. Search well and you’ll find some beautiful places for sure. I lived with a wonderful Saudi Arabian family recently in their apartment in central Dublin. They showed me the endless hospitality of the Arabian culture by sharing their food and literally inviting me into their home.


You’ll meet interesting people

It’s London where I met Lindy, who is a brilliant pianist. Although I only met her briefly, her personality was right there. She was a very vibrant person, someone I think I would enjoy to be around. If you happen to have a certain interest for people, like me, you might find that Airbnb can get you that personal touch you were looking for.


A home, yet far away

Renting an apartment is nice, but it’s never the same as a place where people actually live. Because, a house that’s been lived in is usually has been tested by the owners, meaning everything you need is there. If you have a good host, you will love it almost as much as home.


You can try new things

I learned about kapsa, a Saudi Arabian dish, best when shared on one plate and eaten with the hands. Also, I’ve been addicted to Lebanese bread ever since my stay in Dublin. I like to see things another point of view when I’m traveling and staying with locals, whilst being open to new experiences, will definitely help you on your way.


Local spending

A good host enjoys to have people around, but that doesn’t mean he can’t earn a little bit extra to fill that gap at the end of the month. Instead of spending your money elsewhere, you could also think about supporting someone else. Many locals ask a fair price so consider it a win-win situation.

If you haven’t tried to sleep in this, slightly alternative, way, then hop over to the Airbnb website to see what’s available in your next destination. Invite your friends and make new friends on the way!

If you’re already an Airbnb user, I’m dying to hear your stories! Let me know by leaving a comment.


(this is not a sponsored post – views are of my own)

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  • Reply
    Ashley and Alex
    March 18, 2015 at 18:04

    We absolutely love using Airbnb! I always have the best experiences with it. We stayed in Paris for 1/2 of what a hostel dorm room would be for 2 people and we got to live like locals. I feel that staying in an airbnb apartment is so freeing. I worry less about my stuff since usually the room has a key, you meet great people, and you also get to explore neighborhoods you might not necessarily know about otherwise!

  • Reply
    Taste reunion
    January 7, 2016 at 06:26

    That’s exactly why we use Airbnb everytime we travel ! Such a great experience ! Nice post !

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